Why book wedding photographers The Fennells

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Why book wedding photographers The Fennells

Picking your wedding photographers can be a challenge. From hundreds of websites and companies to choose from.

So what makes The Fennells stand out?

Why are they different?


Mark and Fiona have both won National and European awards making them highly sought after.

Testimonials and Reviews:

Currently The Fennells are the top reviewed and have the most 5 Star ratings for wedding photographers on the largest most prestigious wedding website in Ireland. Every review is authenticated and verified and you can read some of them here at this link REVIEWS

Unique Style:

With their unique style for capturing natural wedding photos and their keen eye for the creative these two are highly sought after. Capturing the personality, moments, and atmosphere of your wedding day. Having a guy and girl perspective of your wedding day gives you a great diversity of shots to treasure forever. This is why The Fennells are so unique.


Photographing and filming weddings for over 8 years brings a knowledge and perception that will guarantee The Fennells will be in the right place at the right time to capture those split second moments.  Having the skills to deal with with changing light, changing weather, time pressure, and a bride and groom that may be nervous, yet still capturing the great photos of you on your big day. This is the difference between average photographers and professional wedding photographers, its their experience.

Personality & People Skills:

But one important aspect of picking a photographer is getting to know them. You might spend up to 12 hours with your photographers so Mark and Fiona Fennell put together this video so you can get to know a little more about them. From how they met to what is their top tip for a wedding day. To give you a feel for what they are like as wedding photographers and as a couple.

Two Photographers

Some companies try to emulate two photographers in their advertisement, they may promise two but the fact is one will probably be either a college student or part time photographer. This is no problem at all but when you book The Fennells as your wedding photographers you are getting two fully qualified professional photographers.

The Team

This is the most important piece of the pie. The reality is you have two people used to working together and have had years to perfect their craft. As we all know the team that is used to working together is the team the comes out on top. From communication to creativity to good team work, this is exactly what you get when you have the Fennells onboard. This is the team you want on that one day of your lives that you don’t get to reshoot. The day flies by and moments are the blink of an eye, so having a team that are considered top of their league is the team you want capturing your day. Mark and Fiona will photograph your day while their videographer can film it all.

If you would like to enquire about your day contact us we would love to hear from you!