Bride and Groom holding hands walking with the K Club Hotel in the background

A K Club Wedding

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A K Club Wedding by The Fennells

Aiveen and Mark had their wedding in the fabulous K Club in Kildare. We asked them to share the details of their wedding and how they managed to organise their wedding in Ireland while living in Singapore.

Bride and groom laughing while hugging

Tell us how did you both meet?

We met at the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School where we studied International Business. As we were in the same class, we ended up in a lot of project groups together. We got to know each other quite well as friends and got together about six months after we first met.

Wedding dress hanging in the window at the K Club
Bride getting her makeup applied at the K Club Hotel
Brides jimmy choo wedding shoes
Bride and her bridesmaids wearing pink pyjamas on the morning of wedding

Tell us about the proposal!

The engagement happened in the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. We were there on a staycation shortly before we were due to fly home to spend Christmas in Ireland.

We finished a swim in the roof top pool and we were getting ready for dinner when the proposal happened. As it was Christmas, Mark got me several small gifts which each representing a year we had been together. Each gift was linked to a year of our relationship.

Mark gave each of the presents to me in turn with the second to last present, being an engraved dog tag for our dog, Penny, who we got shortly after moving to Singapore. On the front was Penny’s name and then when I turned it over, it said ‘Will you marry me?’ on the back. As soon as I read it, Mark got down on one knee and I immediately said Yes, after which we spent a frantic couple of hours calling our family and friends back home to tell them the good news. 

Diamond platinum engagement ring sitting on a white rose
Bride getting her hair styled by hairdresser
Bridesmaids helping the bride to put on her shoes
Bridesmaid tying the bow on the back of brides dress

How long where you engaged?

Our engagement period lasted 20 months, it was really enjoyable. As we’re based abroad, we took a lot of trips back home to Ireland to plan everything which gave us the chance to see our families and celebrate the build up to the wedding with them. 

Bride standing in the window of the K Club while her bridesmaids fix her veil
Bride standing in wedding dress looking out the window at the K Club

Where was your wedding dress from?

I bought my dress in Myrtle Ivory and it was designed by Stephanie Allin. Before looking here, I had a couple of others in mind but as soon as I saw my dress I knew it was the one. Living abroad made doing the fittings a bit challenging but Myrtle Ivory had a lot of experience dealing with brides who aren’t living in Ireland and they were very accommodating with the fittings. 

Blush bow and white buttons under veil on the back of the brides wedding dress
Father of the brides seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time
Bride and her parents on the morning of her wedding at the K Club

Who did your hair and makeup?

Declan Chapple did my hair and he really did an amazing job with both myself and the bridesmaids. He perfected the Hollywood wave and was truly such a pleasure to have the morning of the wedding. Kate Hennebry did my makeup and I loved it.

Groom in navy three piece suit and white tie in front of the Church door
Groom and his groomsmen standing in front of the door of the Church

Where did Mark get his suit from?

Mark and his groomsmen got their suits in Protocol Menswear in Dublin and the whole thing seemed to go very smoothly. He had no complaints and said the team there were brilliant to deal with, he couldn’t recommend them highly enough. 

Bride and her dad in the back seat of the wedding car outside the Church
Bride getting out of the wedding car at the Church
Brides leg and jimmy choo shoe as she steps out to the wedding car
Bridesmaids holding brides dress as she walks to the church door with her dad
Bride and her dad holding hands and looking at each other about to walk into the Church
Bride standing outside the Church door with a flower arch
Bride and her dad walking down the Church aisle
Groom crying as he sees his Bride walking down the aisle

What was your favourite part of the day?

My favourite part of the day was seeing my fiancé at the alter with a big smile on his face.

Bride smiling looking at groom at the top of the aisle

Where did you have your wedding ceremony?

Our ceremony was in St. Brigid’s church, Straffan. The church was renovated as a result of some flood damage and it looked fantastic. The priest was brilliant and gave the mass a really personal touch. Our florist also did an amazing job with the flowers in the church. 

Bride and groom holding hands facing each other at the top of the aisle saying vows
Bride and groom laughing in the Church

How was it planning your K Club Wedding from Singapore?

We really enjoyed the planning phase, it was really enjoyable. Being organised was key because we were living in Singapore. We had Skype calls with most of our vendors who were all terrific, as was the venue. We also took a lot of trips back home over the course of our engagement to get everything sorted.

This was really nice, and it meant we got to involve our family quite a lot in the wedding planning. We were also extremely fortunate in that our families were incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the entire planning process and that really helped to ensure everything went smoothly. 

Father of the bride laughing in the Church
Bride and groom laughing in the Church
Bride and groom walking down the Church aisle
Black and white photo of bride and groom kissing in the Church door
Bride and groom standing in the Church door surrounded by a flower arch
Wedding car and guests outside the Church
Bride and groom in the back of the wedding car at the K Club
Bride and groom standing in front of the wedding car in front of the K Club

What made you want to have a K Club wedding?

We picked out our venue shortly after our engagement when we were back home in Ireland at Christmas time. We checked out a couple of venues and nothing really caught our eye until we the saw the K Club which we fell in love with straight away. It just ticked every box for us.

The setting was beautiful, the architecture is really stylish, and the staff were so warm and friendly. After meeting Alina, the K Club wedding planner, that sealed the deal as from the first meeting, we knew we were going to be in good hands. She helped us to organise so much and had some great recommendations and ideas for the décor. We don’t know what we would have done with out her. 

Bride and groom holding champagne glasses standing in front of the K Club
Bride and groom smiling and holding champagne glasses at the front door of the K Club
A sign showing the order of the day for the wedding at K Club
Champagne bottles in ice bucket with flowers frozen in ice cubes

What were the colours and theme for your wedding?

Our colour scheme was pastel pink which was perfect for summer, we incorporated this in a number of ways. The flowers, the bridesmaids dresses, the groomsmen’s ties, the invitations, the ribbon on the mass booklets, the sashes on the back of the chairs in the dining room, the napkins at the meal and the envelopes for the party favours.  We even had strawberry and vanilla ice-cream as a refreshment for the walk to the dinner venue and also had pink and white cupcakes at the drinks reception.

Incorporating the theme of travel into the wedding was important to us. As we’re based abroad, we thought this would be a good choice. We managed this by including Singapore Slings at the drinks reception, having a country themed table plan and incorporating some signage and decoration relating to Singapore.

Champagne bottles in ice bucket with flowers frozen in ice cubes at K Club
A recipe for a Singapore sling gin drink with fresh herbs
Two musicians playing keyboard and trumpet and wedding in the K Club
A tower of cup cakes for wedding in the K Club
Cup cakes with flags that say I do on each cup cake
A recipe for a Singapore sling gin drink with a drink beside it
A wedding sign with the bride and grooms name on it at K Club wedding
Polaroid camera and wedding guest book


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Flogs in a tall glass
Bride and bridesmaids laughing at the K Club

What did your bridesmaids wear?

My bridesmaids’ dresses were designed and made by Bridal by Tamem Michael. I picked out a colour and from there they were able to design the bridesmaids dresses. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. The girls looked amazing on the day and Tamem Michael were really flexible with fittings and adjustments and anything else that needed to be done. 

Bride in white and bridesmaids in pink dresses smiling
Bride and groom walking with bridal party at the K Club
Sign posts at wedding in the garden with names of different countries on it
Bride and groom and bridal party in the gardens at the K Club
Groom and groomsmen outside in the K Club grounds
Bride and groom holding hands while walking on the grounds of the K Club
Bride and groom with the K Club behind them and a water fountain in the foreground

How did you choose a photographer for your K Club Wedding?

We chose our photographer because they came highly recommended. We reached out to them and set up a Skype call and we knew pretty quickly that they were who we wanted to go with. Mark and Fiona were both so nice and friendly and really put us at ease so picking them was an easy choice. We also loved the sample images which they showed us. 

Black and white of Bride and groom smiling at each other on the grounds of the k club
Bride and groom arm in arm in front of a big tree with drooping green branches
Bride smiling and groom looking at his bride while holding hands
Bride and Groom standing in the gardens of the K Club
Grooms hands on Brides waist
Bride and groom embracing on their wedding day at the K Club
Bride and groom pointing towards the sign post that has different countries written on it
Bride and groom arm in arm looking at each other and laughing
Groom and his friends smiling and cheering at camera
Sign post with group photo written on it
Group photo for the wedding at the K Club
Vanilla and strawberry ice-cream in cups with pink spoons
Guests taking a cup of ice cream at the K Club
Guests walking to the dinner reception room at the K Club
Pink lemonade in glass jars for the K Club wedding
Fresh lemonade sign with pink lemonade in glass jars
Guests walking to the dinner reception room at the K Club
Guests posing for a photo in a big cut out frame
Man in kilt playing the bag pipes on the grounds of the K Club
Guest posing for a photo on the white bridge at the K Club
A sign with almost there written on it at the K Club
Green flower arch with pink flowers at the entrance into the reception room at the K Club wedding
White and pink decor for wedding reception at the K Club
Four tier white wedding cake with pink ribbon
White wedding cake with white flowers made out of icing
Charger plate with pink napkin and wedding dinner menu on top
Tall glass vase with pink and white flowers in the centre of the table
The reception room at the K Club dressed in pink and white for a wedding
Pink and white centre piece table flowers at the K Club
Table name on the guests table for the wedding at the K Club
Top table with white drape and fairy lights behind it at the K Club

What was on your dinner menu?

We had a four course meal which included an option between buffalo mozzarella or prawns for the starter, soup, beef or sole for the main course and an assiette of K Club deserts for desert. 

Wedding chairs with Mr and Mrs signs
Musician playing grand piano at the dinner reception at the K Club
Bride and groom holding hands and laughing entering into the dinner reception room at the K Club
The guests at the top table clinking wine glasses at the K Club
The groom standing at the top table giving his speech
Bride smiling while looking up at the groom giving his speech
Bride and groom standing and kissing at the top table after giving his speech

Where did you go on honeymoon?

We wanted to maximise the amount of time we spent with our families after the wedding. With this in mind, we took a short trip to Sorrento in Italy for five days and then went down to Galway for three days with both of our families. Sorrento was beautiful and getting to spend some quality time with our families after the madness of the wedding was great. We also plan on spending Christmas in Sydney this year which should keep the celebrations going. 

Bride standing at top table and giving a speech
Bride sitting on grooms knee while giving her speech
Groom laughing while bride is sitting on his knee while giving her speech
Bride and groom outside in the dark standing under rope lights at the K Club
Bride and groom kissing on the K Club bridge at night with the bridge lit up with fairy lights
Bride and groom dancing their first dance on the white led dance floor

Any advice for other Brides?

Try not to leave too much until the last week because unexpected things will come up that you’ll need to handle during that period and if you have everything else sorted you can then deal with the unexpected things that pop up. Other than that, just focus on enjoying the day because it goes very quickly. 

Black and white of bride and groom dancing at the K Club
Bridesmaids dancing on the dance floor
Bride and groom dancing with guests on the dance floor at the K Club
Brass musicians at the K Club wedding

Thank you to Aiveen and Mark for choosing us to be their K Club wedding photographers.

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