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Wedding video…Yes or No?

Mark Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Video…Yes or No?

A question that comes around so often is whether or not a couple should invest in a wedding video for their wedding day.
Questions arise like:

  • Is it worth it?
  • Should we just book the cheapest wedding video?
  • Can we do it ourselves on GoPros?
  • Can a smart phone like an iPhone make a wedding film?
  • Why bother with a wedding video in the first place?
  • Why pay more?

In this wedding tip video, Mark from The Fennells Photography and Film explains why a wedding video is such a valuable investment. In a recent poll NOT having a wedding video was the biggest regret of couples who tied the knot. It just goes to show that setting aside a budget for your wedding film is going to be worth every penny.

When it comes to wedding photography and film it is crucial to have professionals whom work well with others. It is so important for photographers and videographers to work as a team on the wedding day. Keeping out of sight and having a nice flow to the day is so important.

This is a big reason why we have our own videographer working for us as a team. It enables a couple to relax and forget about the cameras.

Here are  few reasons to book a professionally made wedding video:

  • Experience with people and locations
  • Insured and professional work flow
  • Experience with changing light conditions
  • Equipment that yields high quality
  • Sound equipment that produces beautiful audio
  • A creative eye
  • Being aware of other suppliers on the day
  • A team player
  • Being un intrusive
  • Full time specialist in weddings
  • Good skin tones and colours

The above list are just a few reasons why you should invest in your wedding videography on the biggest day of your life. A wedding film is something to be cherished for the generations. I have never heard of somebody regret getting a professional wedding videographer but I have heard of regrets for those that didn’t get one or had a cheap wedding videographer. You definitely get what you pay for and it is worth the investment.

The biggest reason to have a wedding film…to capture the memories of the most special day in your life and to have them forever.

If you would like to enquire with ourselves to book a wedding video or photography for your day don’t hesitate to contact us.