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The highly sought after and prestigious Photographer Of the Year Award was won by The Fennells Photography & Film. Professional photographers from all over Ireland embarked on the long and gruelling challenge to win this most coveted award. The competition was some of the best photographers in Ireland, but like every competition, there can only be one winner. The winner for The Photographer Of The Year was won by Mark and Fiona Fennell known in the business as The Fennells Photography and Film.

The WOL Awards are described by many as the Oscars of the business, with hundreds of professionals entering to win. Below is exactly what was involved in the whole process of winning Photographer Of The Year. It is broken up into phases to understand all that is involved to win. Each phase had a potential score to be obtained. It is based of images, four independent judges, reviews, testimonials, and professionalism. Keep reading to see exactly what it took to win.

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The First Phase: Votes

For wedding photographers to be eligible they first had to gain enough votes just to qualify. This is a real test of how well the photography company looked after its clients, as it is former and current clients that would be making this vote of confidence in you if they felt your service was deserving of it.

Phase Two: Judging

Provided you made it through the first phase and you got enough votes, you were then placed in the shortlist. It was at this phase you had to enter your imagery to be judged and critiqued by four independent judges. Your images had to be amazing quality and have something special about them that the other competition didn’t have.

Phase Three: Reviews

This is the part you don’t have control over at all. The reviews online. This phase is where the judges want to see everywhere you have received reviews online from previous couples in places like WeddingsOnline, Google, and any other sites. The Fennells had the most reviews out of all companies.

Phase Four: Going Above & Beyond

At this phase the judges want to hear of a story when you went above and beyond. An example of how you showed passion or even compassion for a client. This also had to be verified by the people involved in writing. The story The Fennells shared was the time of the snow storm and despite the treacherous conditions they got to the wedding and the day was a success. They were one of the very few original wedding suppliers to make it to that wedding, everyone else had to cancel due to the snow.

Phase Five: Professionalism & Integrity

At this section the judges would judge your business profile and how you portrayed yourself. How you treated your clients, your aftercare service, how you advertised and promoted yourself.

Phase Six: The Judges Choice

This was a simple vote by the judges of whom they would book if they where choosing a photographer to capture their day. Who out of all the photographers would be their number one choice. The Fennells had a clean sweep.

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