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Tulfarris Hotel Wedding Photography

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Tulfarris Hotel Wedding Photography By The Fennells

It was sunny day with the blue skies in place. But little did we know this was about to change. From the very start of the day we knew that Síle and David were so relaxed. We knew that this day would be a really enjoyable and fun wedding day. We couldn’t wait to capture their Tulfarris Hotel Wedding Photography. However as we got to the church a gray sinister cloud rolled in. This freak storm began to do its best to rain on their day. Rain that went sideways starting hitting everyone as they arrived. But undeterred the couple were still smiling regardless of the weather. We ushered Síle into the church with umbrellas everywhere in order not to let this freak wind and rain effect things. What was so lovely is Síle was smiling the whole time. Its such a nice thing, because who cares about the weather, its your wedding day 🙂

The music in the church was done by the fantastic Maria and her team from and it was just a super compliment to the day, myself and Fiona agree she is one of the best in the business.

After the ceremony we jumped in the cars and headed to the venue and I was just hoping the rain wouldn’t put a spanner in the works for their Tulfarris Hotel Wedding Photography.

The amazing thing is the sun and blue skies were at Tulfarris when we arrived, it was like a different day. the blossom tree was in bloom and the grass was dry. It was so great for we knew now we could get some of those outsold shots aswell as inside the manor house.

A nice touch was the couple had Wedding Art paint them a painting all about their wedding day and this was just fantastic to see. Very unique and a nice touch.

The day was a total success and here are just some of Síle and David’s Tulfarris Hotel Wedding Photography.

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